Student Services

Student Service Activities

Making a Difference

Chase Groomes and his
"little brother" enjoy a day at
the park. Chase says,
"This opportunity both helps
me as a person as well as a
future physician."

Service is part of the culture and spirit of both LKSOM and Temple/St. Luke’s. LKSOM attracts students who have demonstrated the compassion and desire to serve others and who are eager to continue giving and serving throughout their four years of medical school. Temple/St. Luke's and the Bethlehem community offer many service opportunities, both for student groups and for individual students.

Free Community Health Clinic

Two Temple/St. Luke's students saw the need for health care on Bethlehem's South Side and initiated what is now a collaborative effort involving Temple/St. Luke's students and faculty, the Bethlehem Area School District, the Bethlehem Health Bureau and Lehigh University. The free community health clinic operates out of Broughal Middle School and provides health services and education to residents of the underserved community. Working under faculty supervision, Temple/St. Luke's students serve the community while also refining their clinical skills.

Educating High School Students about Health Risks

When Temple/St. Luke's students reached out to the administration at Bethlehem's Liberty High School, their proposal for a health fair met with great excitement. This regularly recurring event features presentations by medical students to small groups of high school students on topics such as eating disorders, physical and sexual abuse, smoking, bullying and cyberbullying, and sexually transmitted diseases.

Other Opportunities

We encourage students to identify other service opportunities. The Student Affairs office at Temple/St. Luke's is eager to support these efforts. In addition, the Bethlehem area provides many opportunities for individual involvement. Big Brothers/Big Sisters and New Bethany Ministries (which provides food, housing, and other services to poor, homeless, and mentally challenged individuals) are just two ways that Temple/St. Luke's students may become involved.


Dayan Colon says,
"This year, I was able
to go to rural areas
in Panama. They have
health centers where
doctors go once a
month. We saw 70 to
100 people every day.
For me to be able to
participate in that as
a medical student was
just amazing."

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