Student Experience

The Distinctive Student Experience
at Temple/St. Luke's

Temple/St. Luke's anticipates a maximum total enrollment (all years) of 122 students (including 30 regional campus students in each of years 2, 3 and 4, plus 16 additional rotating students from Temple during years 3 and 4). That's small enough to know everyone, yet large enough to find friends with shared interests.

And, because year 3 and 4 students spend most of their clinical rotation time at St. Luke's (instead of rotating to a number of different locations), friendships and mentoring across class years happens easily.

Being "on campus" for all of the third and most of the fourth year also makes it possible for upper-level students at Temple/St. Luke's to continue to participate in student organizations and activities, as well as to engage in multi-year research projects and to build long-term relationships with attending faculty and residents.

St. Luke's University Health Network - Bethlehem Campus offers a clinical educational experience comparable to a large, urban facility coupled with the ambiance of a home town. Students enjoy that comfortable feeling in their interactions with attending faculty and residents as well as with patients.

A full-time student affairs office at Temple/St. Luke's provides support services and oversees career counseling and preparation for the residency match. The close partnership between the student affairs offices at both campuses fosters a seamless experience for students.

Bethlehem offers a healthy and pleasant environment in which to live and work. Compared to most cities, the cost of living is lower and the community safer. A variety of affordable housing options are available within a short drive from St. Luke's.

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Feel Like Part of
the Family

Andy Goodbred says,
"The atmosphere at
St. Luke's is incredible.
Everyone from admin-
istration through every
level of employee is
extremely helpful
and makes you feel
part of the family."

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