Becoming a physician demands much time, hard work and commitment. As a student, it is vital that you not lose sight of the high ideals that led you to choose a career in medicine.

The Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University (LKSOM) values compassion, altruism and a desire to serve others. The environment at both the Philadelphia North Broad Street and the Temple/St. Luke's campus in Bethlehem nurtures these humanistic qualities.

The educational climate fosters the success of all students. Mentoring begins in Year 1 and continues through all four years. Student Affairs offices at both campuses provide support services to address both academic challenges and personal issues that may interfere with academic success.

LKSOM graduates are exceptionally well prepared to move on to residency training. Student Affairs offices at both campuses organize career information sessions and advising for students in each of the four years. Students entering the residency application and match process find highly personalized guidance and assistance. See where Temple/St. Luke's campus students have matched

Students at both campuses find many opportunities to play an active role in the community around the campus. Doing so helps to keep the academics in balance and to stay focused on the ideals and goal of becoming a physician.

LKSOM students work hard but also find time to have fun. Both Philadelphia and Bethlehem and its environs offer rich assortments of leisure time opportunities, encompassing culture, athletics, outdoor life, fitness, restaurants and entertainment.

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Climate at
St. Luke's

Joe Maly asserts,
"I decided to do my
clinical training at
St. Luke's because
of the individual
attention you get
from attendings.
With the smaller class
size, you have more
opportunity to inter-
act with attendings."

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