Interviewing at St. Luke's

Class of 2015

Interviews are conducted between September and the end of March. Following the interview, each applicant is considered individually by the admissions committee. Interviewed applicants are generally notified of the admissions decision within four to six weeks after the interview, but not earlier than October 15.

Interviews offer us an opportunity to get to know an applicant as an individual – and afford the applicant an opportunity to learn more about Temple/St. Luke's. Each applicant who is invited to interview will have two one-on-one conversations: one with a faculty member, the other with a medical student.

Since each applicant brings individual experiences and strengths, there is no “standard interview.” Interviewers explore various dimensions of the applicant, such as interest in medicine, community service, extracurricular activities, medical shadowing experience, academic background and performance, research endeavors and other personal and life experiences. The interview also assesses interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to listen and consider the views of another person. We seek to take the stress out of the interview as we believe that a more relaxed conversation helps an applicant present her or himself best.

Just as there is no standard interview, the admissions committee does not have a narrow image of who should be admitted. Temple/St. Luke's seeks a diverse student body and accepts many “non-traditional” students, including second career students and individuals with a wide variety of social, ethnic and scholastic backgrounds.

Questions about applying to Temple/St. Luke's?

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2011 Entering Profile

Average Age: 24

Average Science GPA: 3.59

Average Overall GPA: 3.64

Average MCAT: 31.53


  • 49% PA residents
  • 51% non-PA residents from 26 different states & DC
  • 48% women
  • 13% under-represented in medicine
  • 67% did something between college and medical school

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