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About the Medical School of Temple/St. Luke's

Temple Medical Students

The Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia, PA and St. Luke's University Health Network in Bethlehem, PA have affiliated to create the distinctive Temple/St. Luke's Medical School. The inaugural class of Temple/St. Luke's matriculated in August 2011.

The Temple/St. Luke's collaboration brings together two institutions, each with a long tradition and outstanding record in medical education and patient care.

Temple University School of Medicine

St. Luke's University Health Network

Jessica Wagner


Jessica Wagner asserts,
"The Temple/St. Luke's 
program provides an
unparalleled opportunity
to become an integral
part of the health care
system as a medical
student. The small class
size, tight-knit community
and state-of-the-art
hospital present a unique
setting in which to begin
a lifelong career.